NMHP has over 10 years of broad experience supporting the product development needs of our clients in the nutrition, agriculture, and environmental industries.

We have the experience, knowledge, and flexible capabilities in these key areas to take your new project to the next level:

New Product Development

Our approach to new product development combines the careful evaluation of our clients’ goals, the latest scientific research, and market analysis. The results are highly effective products that have built-in value and demand, enhancing our clients’ opportunity for success in the marketplace.

Ingredient Sourcing

We have strong capabilities in domestic and global sourcing of standard and specialty ingredients. We select reputable suppliers based on their ability to provide quality, availability, and best pricing.

Botanical Extracts

We specialize in formulating with botanical extracts for their medicinal value. These natural medicinal qualities from plants are often what make our products so effective. Using natural plant-based active ingredients is an excellent way to add functional benefits to your formulas. Consumers prefer botanical extracts and the clean labels they provide.


As part of our focus on safe ingredients and clean labels, all of our product formulations offer non-toxic and environmentally sustainable alternatives to common excipients.

Peptides, Amino Acids, and Enzymes

Specialty protein ingredients used to enhance the nutrition profile of foods, dietary supplements, and animal nutrition – as well as enhancing the functional benefits of our agricultural and environmental products.


Environmental cleanup using natural means to safely remove organic wastes, petrochemicals, fertilizers and heavy metals left in water and soil by industry and pollution. We design products for every type of cleanup, using a variety of specialty microbes, biosurfactants, enzymes and plant seed species.

Novel Ingredients

We offer in-depth research to identify new functional ingredients, as part of our product development process. Novel ingredients are a key to making innovative products, and give our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Your One-Stop Product Development Solution

Let NMHP manage your product development from start to finish.

Customer Goals

Planning starts with understanding your product and the problem it solves.

Success Manager​

Product development decisions are guided by analysis of the cost to manufacture, profit margins, sales projections based on market size and demand, and cost to acquire customers.

Full Production Services

Our formulation expertise, ingredient sourcing, and full contract manufacturing result in your finished product. We also connect you with our network of service providers for branding and marketing, graphics and copy, label manufacturers, warehousing and shipping services.


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